The Weekly Ledge(r) – Episode #38


Skateboard culture is deeply rooted in this fine city of ours. Not only does Metro Vancouver produce some of the world’s finest wood-wheelers, it’s also a major migratory destination for skaters from all over Canada. The Weekly Ledge(r) exists to update you on skate-related news and happenings in our town. Know the ledge, it’s not just used for sitting…

As a ScanLife supplement to a feature from their latest issue, SBC Skateboard posted a video of Canadian board brand Red Star on a winter getaway to LA county, with a little Vegas in the mix. Vancouver’s Chad Dickson and Paul Machnau appear in this one.

You’ll find a little update on the renovations taking place at the Vancouver Plaza, as well as some construction photos from the state-of-the-art Chuck Bailey skatepark in Surrey by clicking here. On May 14th the Etnies x Sheckler Foundation’s Skate For A Cause contest went down in Lake Forest, CA, where Ryan Decenzo earned 4Gs and handed it over to charity. Find more info, photos and a video here. Might as well mention that Ryan (and John Hanlon) hold it down for Metro Van in this commercial by Darkstar Skateboards.

Color Magazine teamed up with REAL Skateboards for their Issue 9.2 commersh, which features REAL’s recreation of the intro to their very first video (The Real Video, ’93) that was used in 2011’s Since Day One. Fans of Chris Haslam will appreciate these buddy-cam videos (here and here). Photographer extraordinaire Scott Pommier has a solid video interview you should watch on, and Coquitlam’s Micky Papa calls these clips “throwaways” (but I beg to differ). The other half of the Decenzo Bros, Scott, is featured in this CCS commercial: