Retirement Home – A Skateboard Video… kind of


My friend Peter Hadfield (by way of Anthem Jackson) is directing a new video called Retirement Home that I’m pretty excited about. So excited that after viewing the first teaser I asked him if I could come on board as an associate producer to help, and he said yes. Sweet!

Peter’s concept is to make a documentary highlighting the golden years of skateboarding and the realization that many skateboarders have to come to once they haven’t “made it” on the pro circuit. It’s about the appreciation and humility that comes with that, focusing on a community of non-pro, “aging” skateboarders that can find instant friends and an instant sense of belonging at a public skatepark. He feels like Strathcona Skatepark is a “retirement home” of sorts for Vancouver skateboarders, and that’s where the idea originally came from.

The film is currently being shot and will continue over the course of this summer, hopefully for a release in the fall. Below is the trailer, I’ll be sure to keep you up to speed with updates in the coming months.

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