Every day we share a single photo from our Flickr Pool shot by one of our faithful and talented readers (that’s you!)

There are days when a photo in the pool catches my eye and sends me on an hours-long research mission into the deepest depths of the internet, looking for facts or trivia, or some sort of story. Other days, a photograph catches my eye and the story is already fully there. As far as posts go, Duchamp would refer to these as ‘readymades’. Today falls into the latter category, as opposed to the former.

Today’s photograph is a delightful surprise courtesy of Not Quite Me. You see, the small thumbnail view that Flickr provides when viewing a group pool doesn’t tell the full story – when I clicked on NQM’s photo, I had no idea that the photograph was a scan of a decades-old colour slide. And without hearing from NQM herself, I really don’t know if the slide was found at a garage sale or swap meet or photographed herself or family member – but a quick read of her profile suggests that it is plausible that Not Quite Me took the below photo, titled Oz157. Either way, it is an amazing historical document, the image’s caption revealing the date: View of Vancouver harbour in 1965.

Amazing stuff, thank you for sharing with us.