Vancouver Was Awesome: The kissing couple of ’44


Vancouver Was Awesome

I’ve worked with Richard Lam. He’s a great guy, a great worker — and he takes great photos.

So it wasn’t a huge surprise that he ended up snapping one of the most interesting and touching photos from the 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot on June 15.

The big news today is that family members have identified ‘the kissing couple’ in Lam’s newly-iconic photo.

CBC news story: The Riot's kissing couple
CBC is one of many media outlets reporting the identities of the ‘kissing couple.’ (

Maybe it’s big news because Vancouver isn’t exactly known as one of the grand ‘city of smooches.’

I did a quick search for “kissing” and “kiss” in the Vancouver Archives’ online database, and found just one digitized photograph of a kissing couple. And it’s a good one.

Couple kissing at Vancouver train station, 1944 Caption: “Photograph shows a woman kissing a soldier who has just returned from a tour of duty overseas.”
Couple kissing at Vancouver train station, 1944, by Jack Lindsay for Vancouver News-Herald (Van. Archives ref. CVA 1184-623)

But who are they? It’s another kiss-mystery.

Are there any family members out there who can shed some light?