The Weekly Ledge(r) – Episode #48


Skateboard culture is deeply rooted in this fine city of ours. Not only does Metro Vancouver produce some of the world’s finest wood-wheelers, it’s also a major migratory destination for skaters from all over Canada. The Weekly Ledge(r) exists to update you on skate-related news and happenings in our town. Know the ledge, it’s not just used for sitting…

The ManWolfs strike today! The band of skateboarding heathens (as seen in the 2009 film, Machotaildrop), now have a shoe in éS Footwear’s Fall 2011 line. Machotaildrop creators/Vancouverites Corey Adams and Alex Craig put together the above video, Kick to Kill, to promote the éS shoe, and V.I.A. Most Awesome interviewee Rick McCrank along with plenty of locals and local spots appear in this creative flick.

The July 2011 issue (#113) of Concrete Skateboarding is now available in full online, along with a round-up of all the extras. East Van’s “Skinny” Tim McLeod is a skater, member of The Vicious Cycles band and a talented guitar builder who was recently featured on Ryan Decenzo and Jordan Hoffart were spotted by The Skateboard Mag’s video cam lens during a backyard mini-ramp sesh at Greg Lutzka’s Cali crib.

Brian Caissie’s second photo update from RDS’ Deadliest Skateboard Tour has dropped, and there’s video evidence of the Get Tricks contest marathon that happened in PoCo last Saturday – talent o’plenty. Cariboo Brewing has video-introduced Sean Lowe as the latest member of their growing skate team (I’d like a beer sponsor, please), and Chris Haslam filmed this Almost Skateboards commersh in Africa with little room for error…