“Cute kid loves dinos” or “Extreme Dinosaurs at Science World”


Hi everybody, it’s me, Arlo! I’m V.I.A’s youngest blogger and my most recent adventures were when Christine took me n’ my dad out for PIZZA and when my dad took me on a FERRY to Victoria.

Last week the big kids did a MEDIA TOUR of the Extreme Dinosaurs exhibit at Science World. This week my mom and dad took me to see it and I was going to write a blog post about how super duper awesome it was but I decided to make this video blog instead. Check it out!

Yep, I’m two and a half and I know an 8 syllable word [EDITOR NOTE: “pachycephalosaurus” is actually 7 syllables but Arlo added an extra one, and we forgive him for it]. Seeing life-sized dinosaurs sometimes has that effect on us little guys! Here’s a photo of me, my mom and the T-Rex to give you an idea of how big these guys are. You gotta go see them!!!

tyrannosaurus rex

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