The Weekly Ledge(r) – Episode #49


Skateboard culture is deeply rooted in this fine city of ours. Not only does Metro Vancouver produce some of the world’s finest wood-wheelers, it’s also a major migratory destination for skaters from all over Canada. The Weekly Ledge(r) exists to update you on skate-related news and happenings in our town. Know the ledge, it’s not just used for sitting…

Take a look at SixOhFor Media’s Vancouver Throwaway Montage 2011 above, and check out another of their ‘Couver cuts right hereSBC Skateboard ran a feature in their latest issue called “Gringos con Hielo” that includes frequent Kamloops-to-Van visitor Matt Berger, along with locals Arte Lew, Mike Schulze and Sean Lowe on a Mexico City skate-adventure. Watch the supplementary video evidence right here.

The 2nd annual Vans Roadblock is happening this Saturday, August 6th at 1pm on Granville St. downtown. It’s not to be missed as it pits 4 local skate shop teams against each other, and each shop involved has to provide a custom obstacle for the contest (details here). Renowned skate-artist Don Pendleton submitted his picks for the 50 greatest skate logos of all time to – here they are, and Van’s Skull Skates made the cut. Strathcona’s Alex “Teddy” Stursberg put together a Fall 2011 graphic series for the Momentum Wheel Co., and here are some previews. Coastal Riders’ Dustin Locke has a feature interview over on

North Van’s Russ Milligan appears in this promo vid for Think Skateboards’ Winter 2011 feature-length vid, and Ryan Decenzo took on a Bangin! segment down at The Berrics (he also got $25K and a Silver medal for his X Games 17 Real Street performance). To finish? Another appearance from Matt Berger, who is clearly on another level: