The best Vancouver action movie ever (never?) produced! Lend a hand!


If you’ve been reading V.I.A. for a while you should be no stranger to local comedian, Cameron Macleod. We featured him in THIS Tragedy Plus Time interview, you saw him in THIS episode of the CTV miniseries, The Party, he starred in THIS great satirical series called “Bring the 2012 Olympics to Vancouver” and lastly he played one of my favourite characters ever, The Jetsking King, in the Mental Beast series that we shared.

It’s no secret that as the managing editor of this web site I’ll feature people whom I personally think are hilarious more often than I’ll feature people who I don’t think are hilarious. I have a big space in my heart reserved for the comedy scene in Vancouver and the links above are an illustrated example of how much love I have for Cameron and what he does. Now that we’ve established that, let’s move on to the subject of this post: a Vancouver action movie! Right now Cameron is working with an incredible team to produce a satirical (call it an homage) action film called Steel Viper Force: Fiero’s Redemption, and over the coming weeks they’re doing fundraising in order to drum up a mere $10,000 to make it.

They’ve produced a teaser clip to show you what they can do, and you’ll see how great the folks involved are by watching below but I have to tell you, this is so great. SO many people are coming together to put work into this flick and $10,000 isn’t going to cover a fraction of the work involved in making this, so it’s obvious that a great deal of these people are donating their time and efforts to make this film happen. The film is bringing together a large group of dedicated comedians, artists, musicians and improvisors including members of Weekend Leisure, Bronx Cheer, ManHussy, The Sunday Service, Kinghts of the Night, Sister Act, VTSL and Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat.

They need that $10,000 to go ahead with the project, so please consider making a donation to help get Steel Viper Force off the ground!

NOTE: This trailer is not rated G. There’s a lot of swearing in it and some violence, so if you’re offended by that kinda stuff, then don’t click play.

Written by and Starring Cameron MacLeod
Written and Directed by Curtis Grahauer
Art Direction by Christy Nyri

Learn all about the film by clicking below. Go direct to their IndieGoGo fundraising campaign HERE.

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