WE ARE VANCVR: Chris Wong, designer/developer


Vancouver is an amazing city, chock full of creative talent. WE ARE VANCVR is a simple, elegant way to showcase all that talent in one place. Every Tuesday we profile one individual from the VANCVR community. 

VANCVR.com is a Domain7 Labs project, inspired by PRTLND.com.

Chris Wong is one half of talented Vancouver creative duo, the Sum. Along with wife, Val Kan, he creates lovely websites, print pieces, identities and displays for cool clients like Vancouver New Music and the Vancouver Aquarium. Nice! They are also super cute and unafraid to let that shine through their work, as evidenced by the undeniably charming Sasquatch on their own website and their work below. Scroll down to find out why Chris likes being a creative in Vancouver.

What do you do?

I’m a designer/developer/husband/dad—not necessarily in that order. Most definitely not in that order if my wife reads this. I also run a small design company with said wife.

Why do you love being creative in Vancouver?

It rains so much here I never feel bad about being “stuck” inside working in front of a computer. I’m sure if I lived somewhere sunnier I’d be much less productive. Someone should make a graph with productivity (y) on one side and then increasing levels of sunshine (x) on the bottom and then chart it. Wait, I should do that!

No, but really, Vancouver is awesome; lots of really talented peeps out there grinding.

How would you love to collaborate with local creatives?

It’s rare that I do anything now that isn’t a collaboration of some sort: sharing is caring. As such, I’m always looking out for talented designers + developers to partner up with. If you’re passionate about your craft and feel like you’d like to work with us; holla! Also helps if you like coffee.

How can people reach you?

Best way is through the website: thesum.ca

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