Fill your bucket to the rim with free blackberries


I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of bringing you the news that the blackberries in Vancouver are ripe. This is the third year running that I started to notice them turning from red to purple, scoped out a patch, attacked it with bucket in hand then decided to share the news with you in case you hadn’t yet noticed that this free smoothie/pie ingredient that we’re lucky to have around had reached it’s peak.

vancouver blackberries

For the uninitiated, blackberry bushes in Vancouver are pretty much everywhere you turn. They’ve taken over that alley behind your place and they’ll take over your garden if you’re not careful. They can be found everywhere from the North Shore to East Van all the way out to Chilliwack and yes, not only are those berries edible but they are delicious! My “secret” berry patch this year is right in front of your nose. I’ll share this wide shot of it with you and let you guess its location…

picking blackberries

Okay, okay… it’s at the Vancouver Heliport right next to the Seabus terminal. I found it while I was covering the Fairmont/Helijet EVENT earlier this week. I also just heard a rumour that FIGS are ripe but I won’t be giving up my secret spot for those any time soon.

Get out there and glean yourselves some fruit, people!

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