DiYVR: Challenge #2 – Mend, Alter, Embellish!


DiYVR is a weekly spotlight on all things handmade, done-by-oneself, crafted and hacked around Vancouver, featuring profiles of makers, event announcements, exhibits and general DIY fun. Know someone or something we should cover? Email me!

We’ve started a series of do-it-yourself challenges! Did you miss the first one? That’s okay. I’m determined to make sure there’s always a DIY thing going on, and you’re welcome to join in at any time. The idea is that a city that does stuff together is a happy city. Join the Flickr group to ask questions, seek advice, or share your tips and tricks. Take photos before and after and share those with the group, too! I’ll round up each challenge here on VIA.

The second challenge is of a sartorial nature.

Mend, Alter or Embellish!

Darn that sock, patch those jeans, sew those buttons back on. If your wardrobe needs no repair, hem those pants, take in that shirt, or make that old jacket into a vest. Or, if alterations are a bit too daunting, embellish an article of clothing – anything more involved than sticking a pin-back button on it will do. You can embroider, bedazzle, puffy paint, whatever!

If you need a hand getting started, I highly recommend asking for help in the comments or on Flickr. I’ve learned a ton of stuff watching YouTube videos, too. Like, did you know it’s not actually all that complicated or time-consuming to hem jeans? For real.

To sum up: We’re spiffing up our wardrobe, here. All by ourselves. Together.

The deadline is Monday, 24th October. When you finish, remember to upload your photos and share your notes in the Flickr group so I can be sure to include your brilliant work in the round-up I’ll post on the 25th!