DiYVR: #2 Challenge Results – Mended, Altered, Embellished


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Oh man, I so did not accomplish the ambitious goals I had for my own participation in this challenge. I was going to hem some jeans I’ve had for a few months. I was going to sew on a bunch of fallen-off buttons. I was going to silk screen a dozen outgrown baby onesies. Instead, I worked like a dog toward a work deadline and did absolutely nada.

(Later this week, though, I will totally be sewing crocheted spots onto a thrifted onesie to be part of my kid’s Hallowe’en costume. So I’m calling myself a winner, whether you think I’m cheating or not. Whatever.)

I’m pleased to report, though, that other Vancouverites were far more industrious than I was. If you missed my tweeted requests for descriptions and photos, tell all in the comments! (And follow me for next month’s challenge, eh?) Behold:

@unicorn_meat told me: I altered all of mine and husbands jeans! We both wore flair but now wear skinnies! Go me!!

@dianasof completely blew my mind: I turned a pair of pinstriped dress pants into a pencil skirt for my Doctor Who costume. I also made a 3D TARDIS felt purse. I couldn’t embed the photos rotated properly, but here they are: costume, purse.

Honourable mention goes to @emmalawson for her from-scratch TARDIS costume (it is a sure way to my heart to show me your Doctor Who crafts, FYI) and to @ChristaGiles for spending an hour stretching out an accidentally fulled lace scarf instead of throwing it out.

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