Bike to Work Week – Commuter profile: The Beaty-Cormack Family


Bike to Work Week runs October 31- November 6th. The event motivates and supports thousands of people to commute by bicycle, rain or shine. This season we start on Halloween day, with treats like hot coffee and free bike maintenance ready for you along bike routes, thanks to the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition.

Register online to use the interactive commute tracker, be entered to win fabulous waterproof prizes, and help us show decision-makers that cycling for transportation is popular and growing. Let’s keep the momentum of improved cycling conditions rolling – log your bike trips and consider becoming a Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition member to keep making cycling safer, more comfortable, and more fun!

All week we’re posting profiles of folks biking to work that have stopped by the celebration stations that pop up around the city.

Karen Beaty, Mark Cormack and little Leo Cormack

This family travels all over Vancouver by bicycle, with little Leo in a trailer. They are car-free, use transit occasionally and the Car Co-Op about every two weeks.

Why do they ride?

– The convenience is higher
– The cost is lower.
– Riding is faster than the alternatives.
– They like getting exercise and being outside in the fresh air.
– And little Leo is happiest when travelling in the trailer.

Karen and Mark say this to those who don’t ride much:
“Try it for a week. You won’t go back.”

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