Winter Farmers Market and the Food Scraps Drop Spot


Last week I clued you in on a way to give your zombie jack-o-lanterns new life as compost when I REPORTED that they were considered “food scraps” and could either be put into your green yard trimmings bin (if you live in a house) or that you could bring them to the Food Scraps Drop Spot at the Winter Farmers Market at Nat Bailey. The Drop Spot folks had promised they’d have a tombstone ready and since I’m an avid Farmers Market patron I figured I’d follow up on the story and deliver this photo…

Zombie pumpkin

But judging by the amount of people I saw there this is likely something you already saw because you yourself were there this weekend: they had to open up the overflow parking at the stadium due to the hordes of people that attended the inaugural Market of the winter season. It was chilly but that didn’t seem to stop anyone from making it out to pick up their local vegetables, fruit, baked and prepared foods, meat, fish, dairy and crafts. And that new street food isn’t leaving any holes when it comes to people serving up hot lunch at the market either. If you weren’t one of the many who were at the market this weekend then don’t miss it this coming Saturday, 10AM-2PM just outside Nat Bailey Stadium.

winter farmers market

Seeya this Saturday! Learn more about Vancouver Farmers Markets at

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