Dinner With… Sarah Szloboda at Dockside


DINNER WITH… pairs interesting Vancouverites with top notch restaurants. We want to showcase the minds and menus of some of our favourite people and establishments. We’ll pick their brains, while they devour their dinner, and hopefully YOU will come away inspired, enlightened and hungry…

Dinner With…is back! It was a busy end of summer and start to fall but I got hungry so I scheduled myself…


Sarah is our VIA Theatre Editor aka Cue To Cue, and an actress and director herself! In fact she artistic directs GIANTS comedy, and the next show is Nov 26th.

Anyways, I actually met Sarah a few hours before dinner as we participated in an Amazing-Race-esque photo-scavenger hunt (with Anne, whose “Dinner With…” you can see here).
So it was nice to sit down in the warm and delicious environment that is Dockside (at the Granville Island Hotel).

Dockside has an in-house brewery with some AMAZING beers. I had my favourite, the Johnson Pilsner.

In the past I’ve had interviewees who were keen on sharing appies, and in this case Sarah was no different.

For appetizers we picked the Legendary Chili Squid, and the Seafood Mushroom Caps while we warmed up with a view of False Creek.

We chatted about the arts, and our mutual friends and just how small a place like Vancouver is…and seeing as Sarah is the theatre editor, I also felt I should ask what the best play she saw recently was…her answer?: The Penelopiad at the Stanley Theatre

Then I brought out our DW Standard Questions…

Favourite Foods?: “Kronenbourg Blanc, usually anything in a shell, 5-cent sour keys”

For dinner Sarah picked the Manila Clam Carbonara and I chose the Smoked Salmon Penne and we filled our bellies with as much pasta and seafood as we could manage!

Favourite Vancouver Restaurants?: Foundation, Cobre, Rodney’s, Dai Tung (“at Kingsway and Knight, best dim sum in the city, go to there!”)

If you could have dinner with one person, who would it be…?: “Jon Stewart, Russel Brand (pure entertainment), Omar from The Wire. All three at one table. Dinner party for four.”

Based on her answers I knew we had a pretty awesome editor working for us…so I dragged our dinner out a little longer and we shared some cheesecake, which we may or may not have gotten everywhere due to pure exhaustion. But OH, was it amazing.

Thanks SO much to Dockside for hosting us and creating some mouthwatering dishes!
Stay tuned for the next installment in our Dinner With… series, set at another one of Vancouver’s best restaurants with another one of Vancouver’s best humans.

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