Robert Redford and Mayor Gregor Robertson!


Robert Redford popped in to City Hall last week to work on a scene and say whatsup to Mayor Gregor and we’ve got the scoop! Redford was in Vancouver working on his film The Company You Keep, a thriller centered on a former Weather Underground activist who goes on the run. It’s a production of Vancouver’s own Brightlight Pictures, Shawn Williamson’s company.

Well known political activist Redford talked politics with our Mayor, and Robertson had this to say about meeting the icon:

“Redford’s films, particularly the ones that have explored politics, have had a real impact on me,” says Robertson. “It was an honour to meet someone who’s always managed to live his politics in his work, both as an environmental activist and a film maker. I’m also incredibly proud of the work our Vision team has done to support the local film industry, and it was great to have them able to film at City Hall.”

Robertson’s favourite Redford films are All the Presidents Men and Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid.

Redford told our Mayor that the City has been really great to work with on the film. He said he didn’t know much about Vancouver before coming in to film, and didn’t realize what a culturally diverse city it is, but that he found our unique cultural makeup fascinating, and unique in North America.

High five, dudes!