We are very happy to present Episode Ten of Giants Of The Forest, featuring none other than Fields Of Green. This band consists of some of our favorite dudes in the whole world, and they also happen to be insanely talented. They were part of this year’s Top 20 for the Peak Performance Project, and definitely earned a lot of new fans in the process. If you didn’t catch them then, we hope they get your attention now. Bands like this are why we love to have this series of videos; so we can showcase some amazing talent you may or may not have heard of, and get you hooked on them as much as we are. So don’t stop after you watch this video. Head over to their website and facebook and listen to their music, and watch their epic video blogs. And if you’re in Vancouver on Saturday December 10th, go see them play at the Rio Theatre. However, you should consider purchasing your tickets in advance. Not only does this show have Fields of Green, but also Treelines, and We Are The City. It’s also all ages, and only $15 in advance, so … get into it.

Now onto the video! It was a beautiful and actually really hot September Saturday up in West Kelowna where we filmed this video with Kyle & Connor. It was a pretty awesome morning we spent up the hill in Glenrosa, where we were surrounded by the charred silhouettes of burnt trees, with new grass and plants bringing life back to the forest. We hope you enjoy this new song by Fields of Green, being played in the sunshine.

Filmed with a Canon 5D Mark II

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