VANCOUVER DAZE VOL. 43: House Guest Supper Club Opening


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Volume 43: House Guest supper club opening party in Gastown on November 17, 2011. More photos available on Flickr.

HousexGuest Supper Club | Gastown Vancouver

Last night was the media opening party for Gastown’s newest eatery and supper club dubbed “House Guest”.

HousexGuest Supper Club | Gastown Vancouver
HousexGuest Supper Club | Gastown VancouverHousexGuest Supper Club | Gastown Vancouver

Taking over the location from McLean’s Restaurant, owners Matthew Schmidt and Justin Devlin have transformed the spot into a very hip, artsy, trendy space with all sorts of artwork adorning the walls.

HousexGuest Supper Club | Gastown Vancouver

The space is pretty cool and funky. It’s hard to believe how different it looks inside. The downstairs lounge is particularly interesting and looks like someone’s basement with a full bar.

HousexGuest Supper Club | Gastown Vancouver

The food was pretty tasty especially the fried mac and cheese balls and sliders (which were as filling as whole burgers). I like the interesting twists on simple menu items.

HousexGuest Supper Club | Gastown Vancouver

I’m pretty jazzed to check out more of the eats at HxG, particularly the chicken and waffles as well as their brunch menu.

HousexGuest Supper Club | Gastown Vancouver

It was great hanging out with Lisa Wong, Anya Georgijevic, Kumiko IdeMana Mansour, Danica Jeffery, Eryne Ordel, Amy Chan, Alicia Quan, Melody Fury, Vancity Allie, Olivia Hung, Kelsey Dundon, May Globus, Maurice Li, Shelley Mantei, Jonathan Yapp, Matt from Vancouver Slop, and many others as we packed the joint.

HousexGuest Supper Club | Gastown Vancouver

You can see my week three Movember ‘stache in all its glory posing with my BCIT Broadcast Journalism buddy, Brittany “Britt” Greenslade. I’m intrigued to see how HxG fits into the increasingly hip Gastown scene.

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