Steel Viper Force after party with Mayor Gregor spinning records – TONIGHT!


UPDATE 2: The Georgia Straight posted a video of Gregor’s set!

UPDATE: See the Vancouver Sun’s review of Gregor’s DJ set HERE!

“…on a night when Guns N Roses, Kanye West and Jay-Z are playing Vancouver, it’s impressive that he can pack a dance floor”

By now you should be familiar with Steel Viper Force (heck, maybe you even donated to their drive when they were raising money to produce their flick), and it should be no surprise to you that the star, Kyles McKay, likes to party. Mayor Gregor? He also likes to party. Which is why at 9PM tonight he’ll be joining Rico Uno, Sincerely Hana, My!Gay!Husband! and other Vancouver nightlife luminaries at the Biltmore where he’s SPINNING RECORDS!

Get yer butt down there. Like now. I’m not sure about the authenticity of this second image of our mayor kickin’ it with Busy P but the fact of the matter is that he (Gregor, not Pedro Winter) is spinning records tonight and you won’t want to miss it.

Gregor Robertson DJing

Gregor Robertson
Gregor and Busy P

Steel Viper Force movie poster