The Playground: A Day at Boundary Bay



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For many, Boundary Bay is a summer destination.  Who can resist beachcombing the endless miles of sand or having a bbq at Centennial Beach? While we are months away from enjoying that Boundary Bay, there is still plenty to see and experience in the winter months.

Located in Tsawwassen, Boundary Bay is a stones throw from the US Border (hence the name) and and contains several easy hiking trails that will take you through the shoreline and sand dune habitats.  It is also a stop on the Pacific Flyway so there are always plenty of birds to see – owls and hawks were the ones we saw on our visit.

The tide wasn’t as out as it has been on summer visits, but there were plenty of rocks, seaweed and shells that Sadie was determined to put back in the ocean one at a time.

Not too far from the shore, we came across an expansive field filled with moss and mushrooms.  We loved squishing the moss with our boots and looking for tiny mushrooms.

There was a long boardwalk that took us over a lot of marshland filled with tall grass and several owl sightings.

Once we completed the trail walk, we made our way back to the main Centennial Beach area.  Construction on some new facilities is underway but the new playground is complete and it is amazing.  It was hard to get Sadie away from it.  Not even the large duck pond nearby could pry her away.

Tips for visiting Boundary Bay:

  • It get very windy so wear extra warm layers
  • Washroom facilities are currently under construction so only porta potties are available
  • Bring treats for the ducks!