Sean Devlin in GIANTS IV: Less is More


Sean Devlin is a comedian, activist and a master of getting more out of less. He takes simple ideas and distills them into their purest, most powerful forms. Lucky for all of us, his ideas are usually hilarious, resulting in refreshingly lean comedy. That’s what he did during last spring’s election when, as one of the creative forces behind, he made waves with simple, yet poignant jabs at our commander and chief. With over four million web hits in only 72 hours, Devlin proved that the combination of simple and hilarious goes a long way.

As a stand up comedian, Devlin practices the same philosophy. With just his soft-spoken voice, unassuming demeanour and pregnant pauses, he soon has audiences in crippling fits of laughter. Sean Devlin says more with a monotone whisper than most do with a thousand megaphones. Seeing him live, you’ll see why he belongs in the great tradition of minimalist comedians like Tig Notaro.

It’s fitting that Sean Devlin plays a subdued future teller in the latest instalment of “The Quest for the Holy Tail” (link), produced by Weekend Leisure and GIANTS Comedy. Cast opposite Cam Macleod and Colin Cowan, Devlin’s trademark less-is-more humour is in full form. These three comedians will be performing in GIANTS IV: EPIC SEX ED, a comedy show for the ages at The Cultch on Saturday, February 18th. In addition to Sean Devlin, Cam Macleod and Colin Cowan, this one-night-only show also features Dave Shumka, Ivan Decker, and DuoTone, as well brand new video from Weekend Leisure and more!

GIANTS IV: EPIC SEX ED – February 18th at 10:00pm

Location: The Vancity Culture Lab – 1895 Venables Street

Tickets: Only $10. Advance tickets available online at The Cultch.

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