In The Closet With Gary and Tage Pooni



  Welcome to “In the Closet”, an intimate look into the wardrobes of stylish Vancouverites.

When I put a call out on Twitter looking for a more male presence on this feature I got put into contact with Gary, a lover of crisp shirts, eccentric suits, and bow ties. After mentioning his son’s love for fashion I proposed the idea of doing a shoot between the two of them. So I give you the first father and son edition of In The Closet! Gary and Tage’s wardrobes both consist of vibrant pieces and classic bow ties. The pair take their love for brightness all the way down to their socks, which were heavily on display during the shoot.

It was great to see the dynamic between the two and Tage’s admiration for his father’s style that he’s adapting and making into his own. Just check out those Star Wars kicks!


Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Gary Pooni: I was proudly born and raised in New Westminster and born to hard-working, Indian immigrant parents, just outside Queensborough. I now have a young family with my wife Mina and we have a five year old son, Tage. I went to Simon Fraser University and grad school at the University of Calgary for urban planning.  I now have a land development consulting firm called Brook Pooni Associates. My fashion influences  have ranged from a mullet in the 80’s, to my Bruce Springsteen days in New Westminster, and now my outgoing corporate look.

Tage Pooni: I’m five and a half! I like Star Wars and the Vancouver Canucks.  Roberto Luongo is my favourite. I like to play hockey and soccer


How would you describe your style?

GP: My style reflects my personality. Outgoing, colourful, flamboyant yet edgy. I usually dress according to my mood, and make it a reflection of myself. I’ve never been interested in art, but someone who dresses well is showing an artistic representation of themselves. Fashion is art to me.

TP: I like to wear clothes like daddy.  I asked Santa for clothes like dad at Christmas.

Best places to shop in Vancouver?

GP: Holt Renfrew (hi Farhad), Harry Rosen (hi Wendy + Gail), and Boys’ Co. (hi Kara). You need to pay attention to their sales, specifically end of season. The Bay is one of the best kept secrets in the city, great designer styles and affordable. H+M is the most stylish, trendy, kids store in Vancouver. Gravity Pope has shoes for every occasion and Boboli has the most unique pieces.

TP: Toys R Us!

What item from your wardrobe would you save if your house was on fire?

GP: My kaleidoscope of ties.

What’s the most sentimental piece you own?

GP: Three pieces: I have a thumb ring I bought for $11, Chinese New Year 1997 – and I met my wife the same night, so it reminds me of that day. I also have a necklace that my parents gave me when I was 16. I gave my son a Bruce Springsteen t-shirt when he was born as my first gift to him.

Is there an outfit in your wardrobe that you think is hideous but you just can’t part with?

GP: I have a 1970, 100% polyester brown plaid sport jacket. It’s my father-in-law’s, and it’s so tacky that it’s beautiful. I wear it to work occasionally. Hard to believe it’s made it through 42 years.

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