Katie-Ellen Humphries is a Triple-Threat: Comedian/Athlete/Sales-Woman


Stand-up comedian Katie-Ellen Humphries is known and loved in in cities like Vancouver for her smart observational humour and charming stage presence. She’s also known and loved in large bodies of water (oceans, etc) for being the three-time Canadian National 5k Open Water Swimming Champion. Well world, get ready to know and love Katie-Ellen Humphries for a whole new reason: sales. As you can clearly see in this video, she’s mastered the proven sales technique known as “the nudity guarantee”.

When she’s not coaxing labels off of cans or dodging dolphins in the open ocean, Katie-Ellen Humphries spends her time telling jokes. She’s performed at Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival, Vancouver’s International Comedy Festival and opened for Bruce McCulloch (Kids in the Hall). You’re not allowed to tell jokes in those kinds of places unless your jokes are funny. Therefore, by the power of logic, Katie-Ellen Humphries tells funny jokes. Don’t believe in logic? Then see for yourself.

Katie-Ellen Humphries is performing in GIANTS V: MURDER BY DEATH, a big-thinking comedy show at The Cultch for one night only on Saturday, March 24th. The show also features improv from Hip.Bang!, sketch from Furious Anger Fun Hour, a hilarious old-timey radio play by Caitlin Howden and more!

Location: The Cultch – 1895 Venables Street

Tickets: Only $10. Advance tickets available online at The Cultch.

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