Hip.Bang! Rediscover the Simple Joys of a Hoop and a Stick


Archaeologists trace the origins of the “Hoop and Stick Game” back to Ninth Dynasty in Ancient Egypt.  Heiroglyphics show young Egyptians giddily rolling their hoops up and down the pyramids. Particularly, the hieroglyphic symbol for “chill hang outs” was often found in association with the symbol for “Hoop and Stick”. Fast forward a few thousand years, to the Industrial Revolution, Hoop and Stick was the world’s second most popular game for children aged 6-11, surpassed only by “work”. In this video, we see Devin “Rollie” Mackenzie and Tom “Donnie” Hill of improv group Hip.Bang! having a great deal of fun playing Hoop and Stick.

When not playing with a hoop or a stick, improv group Hip.Bang! just plays . They play with the space of the stage, they play with the audience and most importantly, they play with each other. The results are hilarious, as if they’ve taken the most joyous and innocent moments from their childhoods, subjected them to intense research and reproduced the results with exacting professionalism. Hip.Bang! craft powerful and immediate scenes but they never lose thier sense of play. Watching Hip.Bang! reminds you what fun is really like.

Hip.Bang! is performing in GIANTS V: MURDER BY DEATH, a big-thinking comedy show at The Cultch for one night only on Saturday, March 24th. The show also features sketch group Furious Anger Fun Hour, stand up Katie-Ellen Humphries, a hilarious old-timey radio play by Caitlin Howden and more!

Location: The Cultch – 1895 Venables Street

Tickets: Only $10. Advance tickets available online at The Cultch.

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