VANCOUVER DAZE VOL 63: Photo Walk – Science World Parking Lot Mural on East 8th Avenue


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Volume 63: Photo walk – Science World parking lot mural (by Raymond Boyer) at 45 East 8th Avenue off Quebec Street in East Vancouver on April 3, 2012. More photos available on Flickr.

Science World Parking Lot Mural | East Vancouver, BC

For a little something different and to branch out to the art and everyday neighbourhood living aspect of lifestyle, I went for a little photo walk. I trolled down to the Eastside of 8th Avenue to find this awesome parking lot mural of Science world over looking False Creek. Inspired by this blog post from Alicia “Fashionista” Quan, I set off to find and photograph this street art visage and snap a few pics to let in some creative juice.

Science World Parking Lot Mural | East Vancouver, BC

This fine piece of colourful art is tucked away in a private parking lot and easily missed. In fact, I could not find it my first time out. Although I did give up after a flash of rainfall downpour out of nowhere.


Thanks again to Alicia and her fashion blogger photography location scout boyfriend Adam for the douse of inspiration and leading me to this hidden Vancouver artwork gem.