The Proof – Kenneth Torrance


It is hard to pin point exactly what Kenny does for a living. Although he is the creative director of eighteen karat, his passion for art, nature and love extend into everything he does. After attending Emily Carr University, a year in London, UK we left the city to re-connect with nature. We wanted to raise our kids with their hands in the dirt and attempt to be as sustainable as we could on the West coast. His photos kind of look like he has the life of an eight year old and that’s because his energy for life and all things he creates is just as infectious as a kid’s. I don’t think his mind ever stops dreaming up things he can create or experience and I feel pretty lucky to be around that kind of passion. He puts just as much energy and attention into his garden as he does his paintings and when he’s giving that much love out to the earth, you can’t help kinda love him back. Being married to Kenny is being married to a way of life, a creative ball of energy and we’re working hard at instilling that into our kids and the nature around us.

– Katie Sweeting


The Proof
01 An existing tree fort on our property, which of course Kenny and Uncle Erik spend more time in than our son.

02 Painting room in the studio, which is a good hundred year old original home on the property that we turned into a studio/wine drinking cabin.

03 Our eldest, Ewan, painting with daddy, clearly in daddy’s shirt.

04 A painting from the series ” The Journey,” showing April 12th at 18KARAT on South Granville.

05 The wife, pregnant at the time with our daughter, Mable, in front of our chicken coop that grandpa built for us. He gets a lot of free eggs as payment.

06 Another shot of the studio and the fireplace that warms our feet and gladdens our hearts.

07 Walking in the forest by the salmon baring creek, behind the studio with Ewan, who loves being outside rain or shine (or snow, and more rain).

08 Year one of canning, growing, pickling and gathering all things homemade.

The Questions

What neighborhood do you live in?
I live in and around Fort Langley. A little bit country, a whole lot of nature as I am surrounded by a green belt of trees and creeks.

What do you do and where?
I am the Creative Director of 18KARAT. I am a Graphic Designer, Artist and Product Designer. I love making things!

What are you working on?
Right now I am working on the seeds of 2013 spring/summer line for Eighteen Karat and a new series of paintings initially inspired by a beet. Beets are good!

Where can we find your work?
You can hit up 18KARAT on South Granville or online or come for a visit in the studio. Maybe call first. We have a big gate for times we feel like being hermits.

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