A Stranger A Week – #68


A Stranger A Day was made to overcome my shyness and talk to people. The challenge: talk to a stranger a day for a year of my life and try to convince them to let me take a picture and share a story. Since most tattoos have a story behind them, this was my conversation starter and a common thread that linked them all. Every week I have been sharing the story of the week here on Vancouver Is Awesome. With the year now over and 365+ strangers and their stories documented, I’ll continue to talk to a stranger every once in a while, and post a story weekly here on VIA.

Not much of a stranger | | Location: Vancouver

Hi all! It has been a very busy season for me, with all kinds of projects and things going on. I still find time for the occasional tattoo story, and although I owe you (and myself) a few stranger stories, this one is no less special.

I’ve often said that even those we consider our friends are sometimes just as close as any other stranger on the street (so, not as close as we think). I’ll be bold and say that that happens a lot in Vancouver: where you may know a lot of people, and talk to a lot of people, but rarely in a true, honest, and open way. That’s why asking a friend or acquaintance about something personal (like a tattoo), is not as common as you may think —and that’s why I truly appreciate when the sharing happens.

Anyways, this is a story that came to me from a non-stranger. She recently got this piece (her first tattoo!) and I couldn’t resist but to ask. She was awesome and shared the story and let me put it on the blog. In her own words:

“The tattoo on my wrist/ forearm is the Praying Hands with Rosary and Cross.

The last few years of my life have been quite the struggle. Battling depression and anxiety was one of the hardest things to go through. It’s like living in a dark tunnel. But despite feeling this way, even in my most darkest of times I always found that “light” that glimmer of hope to get through another day.

Sometimes you have to believe that there is more to the world than what we can see and feel. I believe there is more to this life, what that is I don’t know.

This tattoo reminds me of the hard times and that I can get through anything. It’s also to help protect me, to be my light in the most darkest of times.

The original story behind the praying hands also holds a lot of meaning to me as well.

Thank you for letting me share my story!”

Nope, thank you for sharing. Inspiring, and something that hits home.

Thank you! And thank you all for reading. Until the next time.

For the 365+ stories, visit: astrangeraday.com

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