The Proof – Soizick Meister


A strangely-shaped rock, an abandoned memento, a tattered boot, a lonely stump…these are not the things ordinary people seek to find, but then Soizick Meister is no ordinary person. Always on the lookout for natural or discarded oddities, these objects become the backbone behind the latest whimsy in Soizick’s paintings.
Having known Soizick for several years now, I can say with certainty that she has more kick in her step than my friends in their mid-twenties. No doubt it is the 60 years of sunshine, long seaside walks and the steady diet of raw carrots and broccoli that accounts for this!
Though her curious paintings tell a dreamy story, set in the most tranquil beautiful of places, Soizick herself is far from fluffy and timid.  It is perhaps this wonderful and fiery tenacity that I enjoy most about her. Never kowtowing to the dotted-line, Soizick certainly marches to the beat of her own drum; a beat that has lead her across the world time and time again – seeking out the extraordinary.
Nothing is ever unoriginal and no moment is ever dull.
Pennylane Shen



The Proof

01  V for Vancouver, the city, my family and I moved to 12 years ago from Switzerland. We are now a part of the Vancouver community and happy to live here. I shot this picture from Burrard Bridge.

02 I am an early bird and I usually have my breakfast at 7AM in a coffeshop downtown. I always have my camera in y pocket giving me the opportunity to shoot morning sceneries like this beautiful one

03 This is Albert, my husband, walking on Long Beach, Tofino. He is always ready to play my model as Mr. M and to pose for a picture even if the situation is tricky!  No worries the bear was okay after the shooting. Thank you Photoshop.

04 I collect “things” I find anywhere: rusty metal caps, driftwood, stones, used books aso…. They are all over my house telling me their stories.  I made the little paper house with written messages on the walls to use it as a model for one of my paintings.

05 I love buying sketchbooks in a variety of sizes and shapes with different covers which I usually personalize. They are important in my creative process and I always have one by my side, wherever I go. It is like a secret garden full of little notes, thoughts, pictures and drawings.

06 This is one of my paintings with Mr. M sitting on a log at English Bay Beach. I have been painting this Character for many years and when I moved from Switzerland to Vancouver, Mr. M became a transplant from somewhere else a traveller in both mind and space, pursuing the sometimes conflicting pleasures of exploration and the wish to put down roots.

07 Here I am in my studio/home where I spend most of my time, surrounded by my books, brushes, paints, laptop and music. I feel so lucky to live and work in this beautiful place with a view on Burrard Inlet and the mountains.

08 For the painting exhibition: “The red Thread” I made this big red rope ball used in the gallery window to symbolize the show. The meaning of the red thread idiom is a Chinese belief about the connection linking human beings to one another.  I really believe without true relationships, friendships and love we are nothing.

The Questions

What neighborhood do you live in?
I live on 13th Avenue and Alma, a very nice street lined with cherry trees.

What do you do and where?
I am an artist/illustrator. I work as self-employed from my studio/house.

What are you working on?
I am working on a new series of paintings for my next exhibition.

Where can we find your work?
You can follow my work on  and on Facebook.

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