“This Is Our Stop”, Vancouver transit project


If you’ve seen these stickers near a bus stop recently I hope you already know all about This Is Our Stop, a mobile web site created by Tylor Sherman and Todd Sieling who make up Vancouver’s Denim & Steel.

You don’t have to download an app to engage with this free tool for your phone, simply point your browser to ThisIsOurStop.com and type in the 5 digit code of the bus stop you’re standing at. You’ll find out when the next bus is expected to arrive as well as have the opportunity to start a conversation, leave comments, tips for other people who visit the stop and… well, whatever you want. Here’s a look at how it appears on mine after I had punched in a couple stop numbers and it remembered them for me so I could click back on them later…

This open-source project that puts TransLink’s open data to use is a perfect example of people making great use of what’s available to make their city more awesome. Highly recommended!

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Participate at your bus stop and let other people there know about it, and you’ll see that stop become more active. Also, they’re looking for people to pick up stickers from their office to help spread the word that way. Visit the SITE now and give them a holler if you can help.