The Pop In! Volume Nine – Prophecy Sun


We’re knocking on doors and taking a look around peoples’ homes to see where your neighbours relax, hang out with their pets, and create! It’s an invitation to snoop, but we’re staying away from their medicine cabinets.Photos: @art3fact

Our Host: Prophecy Sun

Who’s that? Prophecy is a performance artist and musician

Beverage Offered: wildberry smoothy AND mint tea

Where do you live?

I live in Mount Pleasant, it’s an old house in the industrial area. There are only a couple of old houses and everything else has been torn down. I’m living with my partner Darren and we’re just really excited to be here.

How would you describe your place?

It’s an eclectic mish-mash of pieces that have been found in alleyways, pieces that have been handed-down and chance finds in vintage stores, or just things that either of us just come across. And then there’s pieces of art that both Darren and I have accumulated over the years as well. We do with what we have. In the backyard we’re making a fence our of palettes because we like to recycle and reuse things. I love the challenge of just finding pieces that work, there’s some thing that don’t work so I just put them out and somebody else takes them. Darren and I really share a similar aesthetic.

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The house seems fun-is that important to you?

Yes-the living space for me is also a work space and also is a place to relax and just have a good time. My home is a space that doesn’t have any limitations-it can be pretty much anything.

Can you tell me about this area with the screen?

We’re in quite a large living room right now and in one one half of it, I’ve put an old window . This window is from a building on East 8th where I used to have a restaurant called Wink. I’ve kept it and I’ve used it in dance performances, and in different ways in different spaces, and in this space it really works because the living room is so big. I wanted to make a little seating area and I use it as a semi-divide. On the other side we’ve turned that into more a jam space/library.

Seems like you really make use of your space.

Yeah-we have friends over and I try and have a weekly luncheon. We really like to have guests over and share our food.  We jam 3 days a week here, we use it as an art space, so if I’m collaging and making things. It’s been used in a music video for a friend who last week needed a place. I think a home place should be a space that you can do anything in. It’s also obviously our sanctuary. We have a old bathtub, and it was originally in the house next door so when Darren and I were moving in here, we repainted and we got to put the old tub in the space as well.

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Any favourites in the house?

Darren and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen because it’s really bright and airy and I think we’re really excited because the garden is in the back and it gets so much sunlight. The built in furniture is  great.

If there was one thing you could change, what would it be?

This is a drop ceiling and we’d allow it to be the old wood that’s on the top. It would just open up even more.



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