Random Act of Awesomeness: Vancouver company creates online tool to help connect your support network


What if you didn’t have a network? No inner circle to lean on? When faced with a life challenge, we most often turn to our personal networks of friends and family for help.

But what if that network is stretched across the country? Or what if it’s too much energy and too disorganized to reach out to everyone one at a time? In such cases we can feel alone and overwhelmed when dealing with some of life’s biggest challenges. Vancouver’s own Tyze offers a solution.

Tyze helps people help each other. A Tyze network is a set of online tools that makes it easy for people to form personal networks of support. Practical tools include things like:

A private way to communicate
A message and shared calendar system
Ability to assign and accept tasks
A way to share pictures and stories
A way to securely store and access files

It’s all completely secure and private. It removes the hassle and time of emailing and calling everyone one at a time. And it takes just moments to set up.

For Christabel, a young woman caring for her mom who has cancer, mobilizing a support group on Tyze has been “a godsend.” Christabel’s mom’s network has about 14 people in it and when they were all gathered together online, life got easier. “I only had to send messages out once,” says Christabel. “For example I’d put out a message saying, hey, mom needs a ride to the doctor tomorrow, and someone would always step up. I can’t imagine those kinds of results over email alone.”

Christabel and her mom

For another member, John, Tyze was used to coordinate care for his dad who lived in another country. “Dad was aging and we weren’t able to track his condition well from afar. Once we set the Tyze network up, we could view photos taken by neighbours and see what he was up to every day. One neighbour we invited in said she was so relived to be asked to help since she’d wanted to pitch in before but just didn’t know how.”

People use Tyze in a myriad of different ways, from coordinating support after a cancer diagnosis to scrapbooking priceless family memories, “future proofing” by having all their care preferences and legal documents saved in the vault, communicating with a small group of friends or a team and much, much more. To see how Tyze could benefit you, you should sign up for a free 30 day trial at Tyze.com.

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