Ivan Decker: Man of Many Talents


Ivan Decker is truely a man of many talents. Whichever term you prefer (Renaissance Man, Jack of All Trades, Human Swiss Army Knife) it’s hard to debate that they all describe Ivan Decker. First and foremost, he is one of the city’s funniest stand up comedians. Decker is so funny that you need to be medically pre-approved to see him perform (a sad result of one too many laughter-induced hospitalizations). Second, he’s also a bonafide nice guy. If he had a lemon poppy seed muffin and he knew you liked lemon poppy seed muffins, he would probably offer you at least one bite. One of Decker’s lesser-known charms is his mastery of the Chinese yo-yo (not to be confused with the Daiblo, which has a much shorter axle, duh). Watch. Be amazed. But first consult your doctor.

On May 26th, Ivan Decker will perform in GIANTS VI: THE FINALE, the sixth and final installment in the GIANTS Comedy series in The Cultch‘s Historic Theatre. The show features comedian and author Charlie Demers who will debut a brand new comedy he wrote for Main Street Theatre. GIANTS VI: THE FINALE also features performances from Graham Clark, Ivan Decker, Sister Act and 2011 Vancouver Pick of the Fringe winners The Progressive Polygamists. For more information, guest bios and funny videos, check out giantscomedy.com.

GIANTS VI: THE FINALE runs for one night only on Saturday, May 26th. Tickets are still avialable from The Cultch.