Hello old friends! Everyone at Amazing Factory has been working like crazy little worker bees on a number of projects, which meant we had to put a hold on Giants Of The Forest videos for a bit. We’ve been really fortunate to create and release some videos for amazing acts, including but not limited to: Hey Ocean, Said The Whale, Young Liars, Colin James, and more! It’s been a crazy few months, and we are really pleased to be able to take the time to revisit this little project we love so much. We had to do something different for our first episode back, and we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to make this one happen. We are releasing a video this Wednesday, that we filmed barely a week ago in an empty Vogue Theatre, featuring the incomparable spoken word artist, Shane Koyczan.

In this poem, “More Often Than Sometimes,” he says “There’s something beautiful in stating the obvious. All of us do it in those moments when we can’t believe, we have to say it.” If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see Shane perform live, you’ll know that words like: phenomenal, inspiring, mind-blowing, enthralling… don’t even come close to fully describing him. In fact, the thought of trying to describe the performance of an amazing poet like Shane Koyczan, leaves me at a complete loss for words. I could not do it justice. So instead, we’ll thrust this video out to the world to say “look at this! Listen to this man. He is amazing.” We hope you come back here on Wednesday, and we hope you enjoy it. In the meantime, get to know this phenomenal talent:

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