Ustream & Vancouver-based Ayoudo Publish Guide on How to Use Social Media in a Crisis


Remember when I INTRODUCED you to Vancouver-based startup, Ayoudo, and their CEO, Michael Tippett? As a quick refresher: Ayoudo is essentially a tool that you can use to ask people for help, and to offer help! Want to find someone to help you install that fence or fix that antique radio that you bought? Or perhaps you’re the one with services to offer and want to help out? Download their free app or check out their SITE and see how this awesome tool works.

Ayoudo connects people to each other in everyday situations where they generally just need help, but in the future they could really prove to be a tool that people reach to in times of crisis. Today Ayoudo teamed up with Ustream to publish a guide on how to use social media in general when responding to a large-scale crisis (like, say, a hockey riot or a major earthquake – knock on wood). The guide provides an easily accessed directory of the most reliable sources of up to date reports from social media, so that communities as a whole can respond more effectively and, in turn, help each other better.

HERE is the link to the online guide that you should check out, bookmark and consider sending to friends.

And of course, as it’s a partnership with Ustream, they had Michael Tippett do a livestreamed press conference this morning! The archived video is below.