The VNB Independent Eco Darkroom project


Here’s something I encourage you to open up your heart and your wallet for today: The VNB Independent Eco Darkroom! A couple by the name of Virginie and Bastien (the “V” and the “B” in VNB) are running a CAMPAIGN ON INDIEGOGO right now with the goal of raising $15,000 to secure a lease.

The last operating public darkroom in Vancouver was called the Darkroom Co-op and it closed its doors in October of 2011, one month before the couple launched their VNB photography workshops in Vancouver. They’ve been itching to do something about it ever since then, and the perfect commercial lease opportunity recently showed up.

Aside from it being the only one in town, what really sets their darkroom project apart is the fact that it’s been entirely conceived as the first ecologically minded public darkroom in British Columbia! Their ambition is “to reconcile previously mutually exclusive realities like environmental sustainability and darkroom photographic culture, while promoting both visual arts initiatives and ecological awareness in all of Vancouver’s communities”.

This Eco Darkroom will also help showcase the City of Vancouver’s creative commitment to green development, as well as Vancouverites’ almost legendary care for implementing modern ways of life that natural habitats can afford. They’ve already partnered with Vancouver-based Raincoast Conservation Foundation to illustrate that new solidarity-based relationship model between traditional photographic arts and Nature! HERE is a link that describes at length how they intend to do so.

Click HERE to visit their campaign and learn all about it and why you should support it.

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