Combination Films’ submission to Sigur Ros’ music video contest


Roughly ten years ago I went and saw Iceland’s Sigur Ros play St Wesley’s on Burrard. Were you at that show? The acoustics in there are amazing, and having a non-religious band play in a church created a pretty incredible feeling. I’m not a religious person but there’s something almost spritual about what this group does on stage and on their recorded works. I loved them so much that I actually followed them around a little bit, catching a show at the Ford Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.

In both shows they did what I feel they do best, and that is to build up something profoundly beautiful – almost impossibly so – and then completely tear it down. This video produced by Combination Films as a submission to a Sigur Ros contest is along those lines, but they happened to choose a song which lacks the traditional “tear down” and is just simply beautiful. No heaviness building into screaming into the pickup of an electric guitar after breaking the hairs of a bow Jonsi used to play it with… just beauty.

They had me Sigur Ros then they kept me with Vancouver Farmers Markets, wild blackberries and wild salmon as well as the climax which left me with chills – much like a Sigur Ros show. Watch the video below and if you’re so inclined then please head HERE and vote it up.

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