Olio Festival 2012: Jenny O


I seem to have uncovered some sort of omission in the Olio program, which almost seems unbelievable to me. The one name that does not appear in the program is the one name most suited to the Olio festival—it’s Jenny O! She plays tonight with Father John Misty, also highly recommended, who is noted in the program starting at 8:30pm at the Venue tonight, 881 Granville Street. I haven’t confirmed this, but expect Jenny O to open for him, presumably around7:30 or 8pm.

My theory is this omission was intentional, done so just to create a the euphoric sense of discovery upon finding a buried treasure in the middle of the festival! I first heard the name Jenny O with respect to a 30 second television commercial that hypnotized me. I played that spot over and over again, creating one of those sensations where I wanted to live in the song. Then I began to see her name appear over at BoingBoing, first with her cover of the two Pink Floyd songs, The Happiest Days of Our Lives and Another Brick in the Wall, then just recently with her free track, Automechanic.

Her LP Automechanic is coming out February 5, 2013 (just in time for Valentines!), but you can get her Home EP at BANDCAMP, iTUNES, AMAZON or even better, get an autographed CD at her show tonight!

I leave you with the video for her first single, Well Ok Honey, prominently featuring some pretty awesome cycling if you ask me.