One Awesome Thing at IDSWest with Cory Ashworth from The Peak


Each Friday Cory Ashworth and Laurie Logan from The Peak 102.7FM have me on their morning show to share “One Awesome Thing” going on in Vancouver. This morning that thing was IDSWest, the annual design show happening at the convention centre this Saturday and Sunday [tickets are $12 at the door, or $9 HERE].

It was Trade Day today at the show and I had a media pass so I decided to take this week’s radio feature a step further and invite Cory to join me in perusing. The idea was to have him pick out his “one awesome thing” at the show, the single booth he liked the most, and I’d share it with you here. He chose the AW by Andrea Wong booth in the One Of A Kind District and so I shot a photo of him with the designer, Andrea.

He chose AW because he was drawn to the bags she makes, which can be seen in her video below.

My one awesome thing about IDSWest this year? This Trapper Chair made from a vintage Hudson’s Bay Company point blanket by Identity Apparel‘s Home Division.

Check out our IDSWest preview HERE and be sure to head down this weekend!

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