Our letter in support of the permanent closure of the 800 Block of Robson, signed by 24 of our editors


Our letter in support of the City of Vancouver and the permanent closure of the 800 block of Robson Street (below) was sparked by THIS LETTER from the Vancouver Public Space Network. 24 of our editors are also showing their support for it becoming a permanent central public plaza in the heart of Vancouver.

To whom it may concern,

One thing that makes a city truly awesome is a central public space that encourages community, conversation, and togetherness. Downtown Vancouver has two such places that are, unfortunately, separated by a road. Robson Square and the Vancouver Art Gallery property each provide a place for people to gather and to create community. But that 120m of roadway that cuts between them prevents two good spaces from becoming one great space. By permanently blocking the 800-block of Robson Street to motor vehicles, the City of Vancouver would be taking the first step to creating a spectacular, and safe, plaza for residents and visitors of Vancouver.

We have seen in the past that when the block between Howe and Hornby has been closed to cars people naturally gravitate to the space. It offers the opportunity for so many different events, from an urban beach to public art display to community markets. Permanent street closure would not only create a safe public space but there would be less confusion for drivers, who often aren’t aware of when it is closed, as well as reducing costs to the City, which must provide staffing and equipment for the times when the road is closed for special events.

Permanent closure of the 800-block of Robson would allow for long-term planning for use of the space and would help move Vancouver into the next stage of its growth as a great city.
Sincerely, The VancouverIsAwesome.com Editors listed below;

Liisa Hannus, Kurtis Kolt, Jenn Perutka, Robert White, Alexis Baran, Tina Ok, Rick Chung, Lani Russwurm, Jessica O’Neill, Susan Young, Anne Cottingham, Court Overgaauw, Andrea Loewen, Valerie Tiu, Hilary Henegar, Kelsey Klassen, Chrissy Davey, Jason Vanderhill, Christine McAvoy, John Whitworth, Lindsay Kwan, Sarah Szloboda, Amber Turnau, Bob Kronbauer

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