Vancouver Heritage Foundation Weekly: Places That Matter Weekend: Rock ‘n Roll and Sunday Afternoon at the Races


The Vancouver Heritage Foundation is a registered charity supporting the conservation of heritage buildings and structures in recognition of their contribution to the city’s economy, sustainability and culture.
Haley and the Comets concert at the Kerrisdale Arena June 27, 1956

Present day Kerrisdale is a quaint neighbourhood with a village feel, and while it may appear that not a lot has changed in the past 50-100 years, there is some amazing built heritage left that points to its place as the heart of the west side.  We are super excited to have Michael Kluckner on hand to speak to two Places That Matter sites in Kerrisdale (where he grew up), and to share some surprising history of a neighbourhood that was created by the interurban railway system in 1905, saw the birth of rock ‘n roll in Vancouver in an arena later named for a hockey legend, and was its own municipality until 1929.

Join us (rain or shine) this Saturday October 13th to celebrate (and learn a little more history)  Kerrisdale Cyclone Taylor Arena at 2pm at 5670 East Blvd and Kerrisdale Community Centre former Point Grey Municipal Hall 2:30pm now at 5851 West Boulevard followed by a reception from 3-4pm in the Room 226.

Pt. Grey Municipal Hall flagpole. c. 1924 Major Matthews, COV Archives. The flagpole was to the north of the building, near to Yew Street.

If you’re up for more Vancouver adventures in history, come out to the races (betting optional), Sunday, October 14th at the Hastings Race Course to catch our 3pm plaque presentation between the 3rd & 4th races of the last race day of the season.  The speeches will be swift and Kevin Chong, writer of “My year of the race horse” will be there to say a few words. Enter at PNE Gate 6 or 9. Free entry, and I’ve been told there are some amazing photos inside and an amazing vintage dining room. If you’ve never been, Sunday is a great day to celebrate its history and visit, because horse racing has been part of Hastings Park for 120 years…

Check out these two amazing historic photos. (That roller coaster is now demolished, but the view of the mountains is still the same- spectacular!)

Hastings Race Course, both photos courtesy of Hastings Racecourse
wow! look at all those hats!