@Vancity’s Good Money Mob: Round 3 – Salmon N’ Bannock Bistro


I recently delivered THE NEWS that we’re on board as the presenter of the third round of Vancity‘s Good Money Mob! We’ve nominated local businesses The Soap Dispensary, Salmon N Bannock and Dandelion Kids and it’s up to you to now vote your favourite one into being the one that’s ultimately chosen to be mobbed.

Today we’re going to take a close look at one of the most Awesome restaurants on Broadway: Salmon N’ Bannock Bistro at 1128 West Broadway!

They opened in 2010 and serve wild local fish, organic and free range meats, bannock and other culinary delights inspired by a variety of First Nations traditions. Pictured below are co-owner Inez (right) along with one of their cooks, Richard (left), and his apprentice Kyle.

This cozy spot is located near Oak on Broadway and often they have to turn people away because they get really busy. On the day that I shot these photos we arrived right before 5PM when they opened and found the place in a rare state: empty!

Much art adorns the walls. These two pieces aren’t for sale, but…

… but they have a bunch of original works and prints hanging throughout the place that you can purchase and take home with you. Very cool.

Oh, and of course the main attraction: FOOD! Pictured below are the spot prawn appetizer, the salmon main, the bacon-crusted halibut main and the maple almond sundae we shared for dessert while… um… “researching” for this piece.

Voting is NOW OPEN on Vancity’s Facebook page. Click “Like” on the badge representing the company you would like to support and that will ultimately get mobbed — in the best way possible. Voting runs until October 24th, 2012.

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