Honda Canada and Acura Canada to the rescue for our 2013 print annual!


Last week we covered a good portion of the city with copies of our FREE, glossy, 2013 print annual (learn more about it HERE). If you didn’t get a copy please email to coordinate coming to our office and picking up copies (for you personally, or if you want a stack of them for your store we’ve still got copies, and remember it’s FREE).

We had a crack team of volunteers who handed out magazines at Skytrain and Canada Line stations all last week as well as driving to businesses and dropping off stacks. The Managing Visual Editor of the magazine, Christine McAvoy, and myself joined the team and drove around doing a bunch of dropoffs for VIPs (mostly advertisers) as well as getting our feet wet and making a bunch of drops to businesses.

I’m going to introduce you to our distribution team shortly but first I wanted to send a big shout out to Honda Canada and Acura Canada who loaned us this Acura MDX Elite pictured below. I drive a small car and it would’ve been impossible for us to load a bunch of boxes into it the way we filled this thing. Tons of room, and about a thousand times more comfortable than that (unnamed!) car of mine.

It’s pictured here In the Village on False Creek, which has a ton of copies floating around, mostly at Terra Breads.