Game On Van – Street Hockey with Bieksa, Kesler, and Garrison


So I woke up deathly ill this morning and had to call in sick to work. To my surprise, Kesler announced over Twitter at 11am that he’d be putting on a road hockey game just a few blocks from me. I debated going but my hockey hunger pains got the best of me. I loaded up on cough medicine and saline spray and made my way down to the basketball court underneath the Cambie Street Bridge. Soon after Ryan Kesler, Kevin Bieksa, and the latest addition to the team Jason Garrison arrived and were swarmed by media.

After answering some questions the guys met up with Cabbie of TSN at centre court, who pretty much hosted the event, and began organizing the game. Kesler and Bieksa picked their teams with Bieksa acquiring The Green Men because like the Sedins, “you gotta keep them together.” To top this all off, Canucks anthem singer Mark Donnelly  came out and sang the anthem! This was the closest feeling to a hockey game in a very long time. Oh man I miss hockey, you guys…

The rules were simple: First team to five goals wins. Kesler and Garrison reffed the game as they’re both nursing injuries, and Bieksa was up front and center for his team. Everyone that showed up with a hockey stick had a chance to play a shift, with one dedicated to all the youngsters that showed up. Kesler had a cute moment playing hockey with his kid and Bieksa’s son enthusiastically played in the opening minutes.

After tying it 4-4 Cabbie announced the game would be decided by a shootout and Bieksa’s team came out on top. This was definitely one sick day I was stoked on. Thanks to Bieksa, Kesler, and Garrison for putting on this game for the community. Here’s hoping hockey comes back REAL soon to Rogers Arena!