Dogtown Vancouver: Buster


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Today’s dog featured in Dogtown Vancouver is Buster, Trish W’s pup. Here’s what she had to say about him…

NAME: Buster.
BREED: Portuguese Water Dawg.
HOOD: Furry Creek but comes to work every day in Gastown with me.
FAVOURITE SNACK: His Favourite snack is Poo but he also likes carrots, cookies of any description. He’s a skilled counter surfer and usually is pleased with whatever he finds there, like apple pie, turkey, dough – you name it, he’s eaten it. Oh right! His guilty pleasure food seems to be new bars of Ivory soap.
OTHER INFO: He’s our own little “worst in show” – I’m developing a dog show around him. He’s the product of two champions but managed to come out with a coat that’s a mixture of curly/wavy, black/brown/grey and teeth that look like they need braces – made worse when he leapt from the car to chase a golf cart (we weren’t going fast, fortunately, and he now wears a seat belt at all times). He lost what would have grown into the signature beautiful long PWD tail in a Gastown parkade door (I relive the horror of that accident every day even though it happened over 4 years ago). He’s an “unholy mess” of a dog and I love every thing about him.

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