Meet Your Urban Farmer 8: Will and Camil from Inner City Farms


Another instalment of the video series we’ve partnered with has launched! Produced by Fire and Light Media Group, “Meet Your Urban Farmer” is a series that takes an in-depth look at different urban farmers in greater Vancouver, bringing you a little bit closer to the food you eat!

Meet Will and Camil from Inner City Farms in this 8th short film in our Meet your Urban Farmer series. The extended version of this short film can be found HERE.

Inner City Farms is a small business that uses organic practices to grow vegetables in residential spaces in Vancouver. They revive neglected garden space and convert lawns into beautiful and productive urban farms, all within the limits of the city.

Land is provided by Vancouverites who support their efforts and commitment to social, ecological and financial sustainability. In return they offer what they can: a share of the harvest bounty.
Vegetables are primarily available through a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) model. They also work with chefs and restaurants that strive to be local-sustainable.

Visit Inner City Farms at

If you’ve never had the opportunity to meet the wonderful array of passionate individuals behind the urban farming movement, and the wonderful food they grow for the community, stay tuned as we meet other urban farmers in the Vancouver Metro area. This will be an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Support your local urban farmers (and local rural farmers of course), and know where your food comes from.
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