Frosted: A 3D Short to End Bullying


FROSTED has a vision to help end bullying with a new 3D short film that is as entertaining as it is educational.

Almost everyone has had experience with being bullied in some way, and I am certainly no exception. Bullied kids know the feeling of being completely alone when the actions of one person or a group makes it feel like the whole world has turned on them. This story captures just that. Bullies often lash out at others because they themselves are kids who hurt, and reaching out to them is frequently overlooked.  Frosted helps foster understanding and redemption for the bully, and lets the bullied know that people understand how they feel.

Director and co-producer, James Parris says it best, “I want to paint a picture the bully him/her self can understand. I want to reach out to the kid who wrongly believes power lies in destruction and teach them that real power lies in creation.”

The film is based on a short story by comic book artist, Russ Braun, whose most recent work includes The Boys and Battlefields with Garth Ennis for Dynamite and Jack of Fables for Vertigo. Parris will be working with several Vancouver-based visual effects artist who have worked of features such as Tron: Legacy, and Transformers 3 to bring the snowmen in the story to life in a style that is playful, yet very creepy.

The film will be shot in BC, and produced by Vancouver’s Emily Carr University; Los Angeles-based production company Paper Tiger Films; and Canadian production company Means Of Production.

They are currently seeking funding on Kickstarter – check out their pitch below!

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