#InTheVillage on False Creek Part 56: Medical Dental @ False Creek now accepting patients!


The Village on False Creek Welcome to In The Village on False Creek, a unique project inspired by Live@YVR and 365 Days of Dining. I’ve moved my family into this community with my mission being to showcase the myriad of things that make it awesome by bringing you a weekly scoop!

The newest business in the Village, Medical Dental @ False Creek, just opened their doors on the corner of Manitoba Street and Walter Hardwick Avenue! Over the past few months we’ve seen them preparing the space and everyone has been awaiting the day when our very own medical clinic and dental office opens… and the day is now upon us!

Three dentists and two doctors will be serving patients. The dentists are currently open for business but the doctors might be a couple more days until they open. One awesome thing to note is that the medical office and the dental office have separate entrances and waiting rooms, so when you’re waiting for a root canal you’re not running the risk of catching some form of norovirus. The dental waiting room is behind the white wall in the left of this photo, and this is the reception area and a portion of the medical side.

Inside the doctor’s office are a few rooms that look much like this.

These are the three friendly dentists, doctors Roshanzamir, Naseh and Ayoughi.

They’ve got four chairs as well as all of the modern dentistry equipment you’d expect.

Like this 360 degree X-ray/CT scanner. Have you ever had your head in one of these? It’s the future!

And of course, if the idea of getting your teeth worked on makes you nervous they’ve got some of this gas on tap.

Visit their site at medicaldentalatfalsecreek.com and their Facebook Page at fb.com/MedicalDentalAtFalseCreek for more insight.
They’re located at 1681 Manitoba Street.
Phone number is 604-559-7270.

Learn more about The Village at TheVillageOnFalseCreek.com and stay tuned each week as I expose the unique qualities of our new community.