@car2govancouver expands to North Van (and offers free driving time!)


Our sponsors at car2go have expanded their home area to North Vancouver! You can now start a ride in Vancouver and end it on the North Shore… or vice versa. To celebrate they’re offering 30 minutes of drive time for just $10 (just use the promo code: NORTHVAN when you sign up HERE).

I’ve been using car2go since its arrival in our city and I drive one several times a week to get to music gigs, bring groceries home, and to travel across the city without getting soaked from head to toe while lugging my camera gear! And that is exactly what I did this weekend when I took a car to the Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver.

The new expanded home area is still pretty new, so let me give you a run down:
The home area works the same as in Vancouver with parking allowed in permit only or designated parking areas. There is a parking lot super close to Lonsdale where you can end your trip – located at Esplanade and St. George (see below) or you can find residential permit only spots not too far off. There are lots of spaces in town that have 30 minute parking spots, you will not be able to end your rental there, but if you only need to pop in, you can make a stop over.

Currently there is a car2go pop-up kiosk in the market at Lonsdale (it’s easy to find where to go since there’s also a Car2Go parked outside the door!), where you can sign up and (for a limited time) earn free driving time.

I’m pretty excited about the expansion, I used to have to lug all my equipment onto two buses and the seabus to get over to North Van, but this will make my life much easier on those days. Happy Driving!

(above is the Car2Go lot at Esplanade and St George – there is room for lots of cars and they can be parked two to a stall!)

SIGN UP NOW using the promo code NORTHVAN and receive 30 minutes of drive time for just $10.

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Christine McAvoy is a freelance photographer living and working in Vancouver, BC. She received her B.F.A. from Ryerson University and her work has been published across Canada. Her portfolio can be found here: http://www.mcavoy.ca