Download the new FREE V.I.A. iPhone app!


We’ve released the very first V.I.A. app! Sortof. It’s not an app that you might expect from a media company, where you might be able to keep up to date on what we’re doing or have some sort of guide to the city; this is an app where you can take photos of stuff, easily add googly eyes to them and share them. That’s it.

We partnered with Company Policy and 49 Digital to bring you this entirely free, free of advertising iPhone app. We all volunteered our time because we feel it’s very important that you be able to add googly eyes to things. Like your cat.

Thanks to Juliane Siu who submitted this amazing photo using our app!

Or yourself. Or your dog. Or some inanimate objects maybe. Below are a bunch of the images that were sent to us on this first day that we announced the release of our Eyes on the World app.

Thanks to Julian Hakim, Grace Partridge, Lauren Terteault, Lizzy Karp, Lisa Cubitt, Robert Lee, Clavara, Jon Cranny, Abby Shumka, Paige Cowan and Katie Drechsel for submitting these!

Download Eyes on the World for free HERE and be sure to send your photos to us so we can use them on the blog! Also be sure to tag them as #eyesonvancouver on Instagram and Twitter! We’re going to be doing a weekly blog post of our favourites.

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