The best press releases arrive in steel buckets


Here’s a press release that got our attention this morning: Happy Planet’s release for their Grow For Food campaign! It arrived in a steel bucket, and it came with gardening gloves and soil. Special care was taken to insure that it was something we’d be interested in (they called last week to make sure we wanted it) and it wasn’t addressed to “Frank” or “Rob” as many of the hundreds of mass-mailed press releases we receive every week are (we don’t have anyone named Frank or Rob here, so those ones get deleted faster than most).

The message they wanted to get across is that on this Earth Day (that’s today) they’re launching an online contest where you can win up to $2000 in food from and Green Earth Organics.

To enter, drink any of the Happy Planet Organic Juices that come in a 1.89L carton. Next, cut the empty carton in half (as seen in the photo above), fill it with potting soil and plant the seeded cards (that thing that says TAKE ONE PLANT ONE pictured in front of the bucket) that you’ll find next to their products in the supermarket… or plant some of your own favorite herb seeds. Take a photo of that once it’s growing, upload it to their Facebook page (HERE) and you’re entered to win a year’s supply of fresh produce delivered to your door every week, courtesy of or Green Earth Organics.

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